Low-Light Shooting at Bastille Day 2011

One of the great joys of modern digital photography is shooting in extremely low light without a tripod. Serious “professional” photographers invest in expensive high performance lenses to produce sharp full tone images that stand up to the demands of enlargement and reproduction, as our reputations may hinge on image quality no matter the conditions of shooting. This year I hauled out my Mark II and 35/1.4 to stalk the wild environs of another Bastille Day celebration on the Grand Route St. John…enjoy!

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5 Responses to Low-Light Shooting at Bastille Day 2011

  1. Beautiful Pics Rick! I always loved working in low light situations, and yes it is so much easier to work under such conditions with modern technology! Is that John Sinclair in the top photo?

  2. Wow, these are great. I really think you caught the spirit, and the light is magical. Thanks, I’m passing this link on to others. Robert Thompson

  3. Mona McMahon says:

    Thanks for getting a picture of my neighbor Ben. He’s hard to catch in any light. They’re all fabulous. Thanks again

  4. used to live on this street…i don’t remember a bastille day celebration…so it must have been good…

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