Goodbye Kodachrome

Kodachrome is officially history now so we should all bow our heads for one nanosecond (since “everything moves faster now”) and mourn it’s passing, I suppose. It was truly an amazing film, both for its distinct color palette and superior archival longevity.

I still like to diddle around with digital images and artificially age them, like this snapshot of my painter friend taken on a recent quick shoot:

Rebecca With White Rose

(The backstory is that we were shooting on a busy street in front of a florist when a young employee walked up and handed her the rose. She has that effect on people of all ages.)

Kodachrome’s demise is being noted worldwide in venues like the New York Times and CBS News and I’m sure there are probably several thousand rolls tucked away in freezers that will never see the light of day until they’re tossed in the trash.

I still have a rather hazy memory of driving down LA1 many years ago in my first years as a “semi-pro” photographer (earning spending cash at the Greater Plaquemine Post while in high school, still living at my parent’s house) and hearing Paul Simon’s anthemic “Kodachrome” on the local AM radio station, thinking “OK, the girl’s bringing all sorts of color into his life…I guess”. Most of my shooting back then was on Tri-X black & white but I’d occasionally pop in a roll of Kodachrome and fumble with the slow film and shutter speeds. Everything appeared to move much slower then…maybe.

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